On November 1, 2022, WordPress 6.1 code name “Misha” was released.  It is named after Soviet-Norwegian Jazz pianist Mikhail “Misha” Alperin.  According to WordPress, this is the third major release of 2022, it is known as the “Gutenberg project.” There is a growing interest in headless content management systems (CMSs), including those from Kontent.ai, Magnolia, Agility CMS, Contentful, Butter CMS, Contentstack, Netlify, Strapi, and others. The website builders like Wix and Squarespace also have gained a lot of traction in recent years. So, the importance of ensuring WordPress stays relevant and competitive in today’s market. The larger ambition involves revolutionizing how all websites are built in the future, which is supported by the fact that WordPress powers more than a third of all websites.

This WordPress 6.1 contains basically five updates within this release.  Additional changes and enhancements to the editor provide site owners greater power and make customization simpler while providing users with a more seamless experience. The new version contains a lot of writing-related changes because, in order to give the voiceless a voice, attention must be paid to the copywriters.  The improved ability to pick only a portion of a block’s paragraphs, the option to keep the list view open by default, and the keyboard shortcut to add internal links expanded to all blocks are some of my favorite improvements.


Twenty Twenty-Three Theme Updates


With this update, there is a new theme Twenty Twenty-Three with 10 distinct style variations.  It features a minimalist style and also a full-block theme with full site editing capability.  Also, it comes with a few new fonts that you can choose from.  With just one click and within the same theme, these purposefully distinctive styles enable users to apply a different appearance and feel to their website.


Block Editor Updates



The WordPress Block Editor, one of the most recent innovations, has the potential to completely change how websites are created with WordPress. Implementing the necessary capabilities into the new editor has been a significant undertaking that has spanned years.

The introduction of Block Editor change offers more customizability by allowing the creation of entire websites that can be styled in any way imaginable.

WordPress 6.1 adds more dimensions to the blog such as paragraph list column table.  Likewise, it also allows users to set padding and margin for more blocks.  This gives finer control to users over design and layout.  Most of these updates can be applied in real time.

Furthermore, with WordPress 6.1, there is the ability to add borders to more blocks and adjust them according to your needs and wants.  With the featured image for your site, WordPress 6.1 will allow users to select the featured image for a covered block.  It can be adjusted and appear inside of the cover depending on the theme.

Lastly, if you have a lot of lists in your blog, now you have the ability to have a list block within its own block.  Therefore, you can move and adjust them the way you want.  The navigation block also gets updated, and improving the navigation block will allow easily creating and selecting the menu from the block setting.  Also, submenus can have the look and feel different from the parent menus.  This can help in user experience.


Update Preview Updates


The Preview button is now called View.  The status and visibility panel under the post settings will now be called the summary. The permalink and template options will then go under the summary panel for you. Previously, they were on their own, but now they will be under the summary panel for you. Additionally, we have an improved information panel that is typically available when making updates.


Preference Updates


When you click on these items up here they are all in icons that nobody usually knows what they are if you click on that it shows what all of those items mean and it shows the text label instead then you can also choose to always open list View and that will simply keep the list view of your post over on the left always open for you with WordPress 6.0 you can create more templates in the site editor.